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Jessie J announces pregnancy loss on social media


Singer-songwriter Jessie J has announced that she recently suffered a pregnancy loss, explaining that she decided to have a baby on her own because it was all she ever wanted and “life is short.”

In a now-deleted post on Instagram, the 33-year-old shared a a photo of herself holding up a positive home pregnancy test, writing:  “Yesterday morning I was laughing with a friend saying ‘seriously though how am I going to get through my gig in LA tomorrow night without telling the whole audience I am pregnant.  By yesterday afternoon I was dreading the thought of getting through the gig without breaking down. … After going for my 3rd scan and being told there was no longer a heartbeat This morning. I feel like I have no control of my emotions. I may regret posting this. I may not. I actually don’t know. What I do know is that I want to sing tonight. Not because I’m avoiding the grief or the process, but because I know singing tonight will help me.”

Her Instagram post also included a screenshot of a quote from Australian poet Seyda Noir, saying: “Sometimes love won’t be enough to make it work, and that’s ok. It doesn’t mean that you failed.” 

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