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Coldplay call on fans to add their voice to new song ‘One World’


Coldplay are calling on their fans to add their voice to one of their new songs, titled ‘One World.’ In an Instagram post the band the band wrote: “Hello everybody. We hope you are all ok in these wild times. We have nearly finished Moon Music. If you’d like to be on it too, perhaps you could add your voice to a song called One World. (We would love that a lot.) All you have to do is record yourself singing “Ahhhhh” for a few seconds at (link in bio). You can either copy the note on the site, or sing a G or C in any octave. Thankyou so much. Love, Chris, Guy, Will and Jonny.”

The song will be featured on Coldplay’s forthcoming new album ‘Moon Music,’ which the band said is nearly completed. Coldplay first teased ‘Moon Music’ back in January and described it as the “second ‘Music Of The Spheres’ volume” (referring to their last studio album, Music Of The Spheres).

To add your voice entry for ‘One World’, fans can head to the link: here.

Coldplay to release ‘One World’ featuring over 120k fans

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